Quality knowledge
for better health care - everywhere, anytime

Strengthen capacity of workforce at all levels of the health system, in both public and private sectors, by improving access to a wide range of quality health care content through their preferred digital channels.

Kiira is an open-source e-Learning platform for actors of the health system that enhances users’ learning experiences through customized and engaging quality content.
We support user-centered, scalable and data-centric learning journeys that leverage on technology interoperable with other digital solutions

Integrated approach

Kiira supports the public and private health sector frontline health workers, Ministries of Health, Professional Body Associations and Implementing Partners.


Collaborative and financially sustainable

Partners can develop their own e-Learning courses and can access all Kiira functionalities like dashboards, user management, release of certificates, messaging and others for free. If needed, ad hoc technical and operational support is provided.

Collaborative and
financially sustainable

Open source

Kiira is built on Moodle LMS and hence it relies on the support of a Moodle community that has thousands of developers, system administrators, educators and learners that have participated on moodle.org, fixing bugs, writing new features, updating documentation, sharing tips, helping new users, sharing resources and debating new ideas.

Open source

Agnostic on the user front

Users access e-Learning content across web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, USSD and IVR based solutions, among others. Content is created using a user-centered approach, delivering an interactive learning experience that includes bite-size learning, activities, videos and quizzes. Offline capabilities allow for low bandwidth settings or lack of access to smartphones and internet.

Agnostic on
the user front

Data centric

Built-in dashboards support program managers in their decision-making process and report industry and customized key performance indicators on e-Learning like Customer Satisfaction score, Net Promoter Score, knowledge gain, daily active users, conversation rate, customer retention rate, etc. Kiira reports are broken down by gender, age-group, learner type and geography and are customizable to users’ needs.

Data centric

Local-led development

Developed by the Angola-based tech company Appy People and supported by PSI Global Services Hub in Nairobi, Kiira is one of the many digital health solutions spreading out of the African continent to the world.


Growth in content and users

Kiira allows to go to scale in an easy way and is a fit-for-purpose tool for international and national-scale remote stewardship interventions.

Growth in content
and users


Breaking heath system silos, Kiira supports interoperability solutions with other digital health interventions already in place at country level, like Quality Assurance tools and DHIS2-based instances.


2-way communication

A messaging and cascading mechanism allows program managers to share information and resources with Kiira user groups and keep learners updated on the latest guidelines and policies from the Ministries of Health. Kiira supports chat forums among learners and between program managers and learners.


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